Tackling a challenge of global scale

The challenge

Neg-C strives to provide value for humanity by mimicking the lungs of the earth. This is done by creating technological parks that can capture carbon dioxide directly from the air and, subsequently, store or utilize it to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help combat the results of climate change.

Our vision

Neg-C pictures a planet where every living creatures deserves a fighting chance against climate change. With our mechanical flowers we believe we could revert the effects of global warming through achieving carbon negative targets and also designing a technological system where CO2 can be stored permanently or utilized in industrial production supply chain where CO2 will be chemically bonded to the materials.

The technology

We are currently in the process of realizing our carbon capture machine. Our main focus is setting up experiments to demonstrate and explore the viablility and scalebility of different carbon capture techniques. The end goal is a dynamic flower like structure that both maintains a high rate of capture as well as being aestatically pleasing. Through repeated cycles of CO2 absorption and desorption we aim to achieve a steady output stream of concentrated CO2.