Digital prototyping

The digital prototype provides a visual aid of how Neg-C envisions our carbon capture technology. Viewers will be able to visually comprehend how mechanical parts might function. Our prototypes consist mostly of two major parts: the flower and the stem, both of which will be animated and linked together. The stem will move up and down with the help of motors, and the flower will open to absorb and close to desorb captured carbon dioxide into the main stem of the flower once the petals are fully saturated.

Experimental setup

Neg-C strives to discover the ideal material that we could use on our mechanical flower petals to perform the most efficient direct air capturing process. In order to achieve such feats. We need to find the ideal material that can absorb and desorb CO2. This experiment aims to measure the threshold of the capacity of the amount of CO2 the material can hold, the rate of CO2 captured per hour and the extreme limits of absorption and desorption of CO2 by the material with the presents of moisture and temperature in the test chamber. The results from the experiment will help us to predetermine the ideal locations around the world where Neg-C could install its mechanical flowers and further assess the effectiveness of the material in capturing and storing CO2.

Physical prototyping

In addition to digital models we have been creating physical scale models. Basic materials like foam and wood allows us to explore ideas in the physical world. Using physical models we can verify the functioning of our digital designs, making tweaks were necessary. The designs mainly focus on aesthetics, always keeping technical feasibility in mind however. We found many teams and ideas neglect either one or the other. Focusing purely on the technical challenge and neglecting the environment the machine will be placed in, or on the contrary being purely based on fantasy; having no prospects of actually being realized. As Neg-C is both design and technically orientated, we aim to achieve a healthy mix of both philosophies.